Season 7 Overwatch 2: Rise of Darkness

Hey there, players! Season 7 Overwatch 2 is now going on, and it’s called “Rise of Darkness.” The scary information is about to be found. Even though there isn’t a new hero this season, it still looks like it will be very exciting. Part of the update is a great new Hanzo skin based on folklore, a crazy Diablo crossover map, and a new Control map. Where is Season 7 right now? We can break it down.

Season 7 Overwatch 2: New Map: Samoa is really hot!

Samoa, check out the brand-new Control map! It is now online! Wars can happen on beaches, in towns, and even on volcanoes! Pay close attention to the part where the fire shows up; it has a number of Warcraft Easter eggs hidden in it. From October 10, you can find Samoa in the Aria. Soon after, you’ll be able to get it in Quick Play. Play against other people? That will happen later in the season, for sure. What else do you know? Some people think that the new plan might be pointing to Mauga, the next hero.

Season 7 Overwatch 2: Battle Pass now comes in a “spooky” edition!

The Battle Pass is back, and this time it’s really scary. A show-stopper? You can now get the famous Onryo Hanzo skin! There’s more too. People who buy the Premium Battle Pass will get creepy and cool skins for Lucio (Victorian Ghost), Soldier: 76 (Crimson Clown), Widowmaker (Ghost Bride), Echo (Victorian Doll), and Wrecking Ball (Azmodan). Looking for the best deal possible? That can be used to get the Lilith Moira, Inarius Pharah, and Pumpkin Spice Bastion skins.

Season 7 Overwatch 2: Superpowers and the art of balance!

Sombra is going through a lot of changes right now. She gets a new move called “Virus,” and her Stealth skill stops working. We still don’t know much about the planned changes to Roadhog. Zarya’s Projectile Barrier is getting a little weaker, and Mei is going back to how she was before the season. Some changes will also be made to Wrecking Ball, Cassidy, Torbjorn, Brigitte, Illari, and Orisa. Things are going to change how you play!

Pay attention to the sign that says “Route 66 is changing!”

Take hold of the ground! It will make Route 66 look better. There is now a cool sign at the Panorama Diner to protect the team fighting at start. Something seems wrong with the first stop. Potential thieves have more room to move because the metal doors won’t close all the way. The guards aren’t safe either; taking some goods from the Deadlock Gang’s lair gives them more tools to protect their territory.

When is the party beginning?

Everyone, put dates on your calendars! Beginning on October 10, the seventh season of Overwatch 2 will keep you busy until the middle of December. Just in time for some fun holiday-themed games!

All right, everyone! The Rise of Darkness is coming in Season 7 of Overwatch 2. SLOT GAMPANG MENANG ready for a scary ride.