ITZY Lia Takes Temporary Hiatus Due to Acute Anxiety

In a significant move highlighting the importance of mental health in the K-pop industry, Lia, a member of the renowned K-pop group ITZY, has announced her decision to step back temporarily from group activities to address acute anxiety.

JYP Entertainment, the management agency for ITZY, issued an official statement addressing Lia’s condition. According to the statement, Lia recently consulted a doctor who recommended that she take a break to focus on her mental health.

Throughout this period of rest, Lia’s health will be closely monitored, and she will undergo necessary treatment. Frequent visits to medical professionals are expected to expedite her path to recovery.

The management’s statement affirmed, “Lia recently sought medical advice due to acute anxiety stemming from her busy schedule and has been advised to take a break for treatment. Following discussions with her ITZY bandmates, Lia will abstain from participating in any ITZY commitments for the time being, prioritizing her recovery.”

JYP Entertainment also conveyed its apologies to fans for the abrupt announcement, acknowledging the concern it may have raised.

ITZY: Lia’s Personal Message to MIDZY

In a heartfelt gesture, Lia directly communicated her health status to MIDZY, the affectionate term for ITZY’s dedicated fans. Lia composed a handwritten letter, shared on ITZY’s official platform, aiming to alleviate her fans’ anxieties.

Lia wrote, “MIDZY is always more concerned than anyone else when I’m unwell, so I am apprehensive that you might feel saddened by this news. However, I also feel the need to be courageous and share this because I understand that you know me better than anyone else and that you will patiently await my return.”

She continued, “It has been six years since I met my fellow members and embarked on this shared dream. My journey to this point was made possible because of them and MIDZY. We have experienced numerous challenges, and naturally, there have been many joyful moments. Those memories are incredibly precious, but I have come to realize that I may have neglected self-care due to my unwavering focus on achieving my goals.”

ITZY: Prior to This Announcement

“MIDZY holds a special place in my heart, and my greatest desire is to reciprocate your love with affection and happiness. However, I believe that I need this brief respite to rediscover self-love so that I can ultimately return the love you have shown me,” Lia expressed.

Prior to this announcement, MIDZY had expressed concern about Lia’s well-being, having observed signs of fatigue during her recent appearances. With Lia now taking the necessary time to prioritize her recovery, fans can take solace in knowing that her health remains the paramount concern.