Taylor Swift Invites Rose of BLACKPINK to Party, Fans Hope for Collaboration

Big-name American stars often host parties and invite a slew of celebrities who are close to them. Fans revealed Taylor Swift surprised fans by inviting Rose from BLACKPINK to her latest party through fan captures and social media posts.

A Star-Studded Affair

Taylor Swift is currently in New York, and one evening, fans waiting outside the Electric Lady Studios captured images of several celebrities who were invited to her party. Among those in attendance were Hayley Williams, Sabrina Carpenter, Cara Delevingne, Sadie Sink, and Jack Antonoff.

Notably, Rose from BLACKPINK made her appearance at the party, sparking excitement and speculation among fans. Many fans are now hoping for a collaboration between these two talented artists, although nothing has been confirmed at this point.

Taylor Swift Invites Rose of BLACKPINK to Party, Fans Hope for Collaboration

Speculation and Expectations

Some believe that Taylor Swift’s presence in New York may be related to the production of her upcoming album. This has raised anticipation for a potential collaboration between the “Anti-Hero” singer and one of BLACKPINK’s vocalists.

BLACKPINK is currently in the final leg of their world tour, while Taylor Swift is still on her ongoing “The Eras Tour.” Swift’s tour is scheduled to visit Singapore early next year, where she will perform over several days.

A collaboration between these two prominent artists would undoubtedly be a thrilling treat for fans and music enthusiasts alike. Both Taylor Swift and Rosé have distinctive vocal styles, adding to the curiosity about what kind of track they might produce together.

However, as of now, all fans can do is hope and wait for official confirmation. Taylor Swift is known for dropping subtle hints and clues on social media, so fans might want to keep a close eye on her channels for any potential teasers or announcements.

A Dream Collaboration?

A collaboration between Taylor Swift and Rose of BLACKPINK would bring together two influential figures in the music industry. Both artists have a massive global following and have achieved remarkable success in their respective careers.

The prospect of combining Taylor Swift’s songwriting prowess with Rose unique voice and style has generated significant excitement among fans. It remains to be seen whether this collaboration will materialize, but the mere possibility has ignited a wave of enthusiasm in the music world.


In conclusion, Taylor Swift’s invitation to Rose of BLACKPINK at her recent party has sparked hopes of a potential collaboration between these two celebrated artists. While it’s still uncertain, fans are eagerly awaiting any news or hints that may emerge in the coming days. The prospect of a Taylor Swift and Rose collaboration is a tantalizing one for music lovers worldwide.